Low Testosterone

Live no longer with the irritability, depression, diminished sex drive, and loss of muscle mass caused by age-induced “Low-T.”

Testosterone is the power behind our power, but as men age — even as early as our mid-thirties — we begin to produce less of it. This tires us out more quickly, makes staying focused on work more difficult, and causes even simple tasks to take longer to complete.

Low-T also causes adverse health conditions and debilitating symptoms that go far beyond moodiness, melancholy, loss of libido, and decreased strength and vitality.

Fortunately for Southern California males, The Performance Center provides advanced treatments for Low Testosterone plus the other most common men’s health issues…


Our treatments for ED are proven, and not only will they improve your physical well-being, but they’ll enhance your mental and emotional health as well.


If premature ejaculation is taking a toll on your most intimate relationship, it may be time to try one of The Performance Center’s methods for controlling sexual response.

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