Top 10 Men’s Health Clinic Facts

Hopefully, this blog will answer any questions you might have about Men’s Clinics and what to expect. If you have any more questions either leave a comment down below or call our Rancho Cucamonga location, that button on the top right!

#1 What you need to know before you search “Men’s Clinic Near Me”

The word Men’s Clinic is usually code for testosterone replacement therapy clinics. Sorry industry but we’re calling you out, well us too. See in the industry there is a stigma about calling yourself a Testosterone clinic, the industry is heavily regulated and is often filled with scammers and people trying to make a quick buck.

This doesn’t mean every clinic near you is like this, in fact there are many clinics where the staff are very helpful, excited to talk to you and share their knowledge, but not all. Our recommendation is to call and shop around, not only for pricing but which clinic is going to give you the best information and care.

The key is the staff, most doctors really depend on their staff to start the process of bloodwork and scheduling, so if the staff is rude you can bet that the doctor will be very similar. Ask a lot of questions, that’s what they are there for.

#2 Finding the right treatment: Testosterone replacement therapy, Erectile dysfunction or PE Treatment

Ok, so let’s talk about the right treatment. There are many forms of treatment to treat hormone, sex drive, weight loss, low energy and sleep issues. But they might not all be the right one for you. Research online the different treatments before you come into a clinic, know the basics of what you might need, it will pay off when the doctor suggests something for you.

Price has a big factor in treatment, treatment can cost $185-300 per month, and if it’s more or less… RUN! If it’s cheaper you could be getting an inferior product and if it’s more you could be paying a newbie/luxury tax.  

#3 What you need to do before the appointment

When you come to the clinic prepare for bloodwork, it’s a must and any clinic willing to give you a treatment without your bloodwork is a scam and don’t care about you, seriously!

Please don’t take any ED medication (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.) or supplements for ED 24 hours before your appointment, these could affect the results.  Don’t use marijuana or other or other recreational drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or ecstasy) for 36-hours prior to your visit. Do not use medical or recreational marijuana (or other recreational drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or ecstasy) for 36-hours prior to your visit.

#4 What you need to bring to the men’s clinic

Its very common to have your bloodwork done a day or week before your consultation with the doctor so if they say you have to see an MA or Phlebotomist before you meet the doctor this is completely normal. In this situation bring your medical information and medications to the next appointment for the doctor to see. Obviously bring a photo ID, Form of payment, and lots of questions, the doctor and staff will have all the answers for you.

The clinic should take between 45 min – 90 Min total, wait time and all.

#5 Insurance

This is a tricky topic, so most medical insurances will not cover Testosterone Replacement Therapy, it’s considered a “cosmetic treatment” so we recommend you check with your insurance beforehand. If your insurance covers this kind of treatment then the clinic will be happy to use your insurance. What the insurance will often cover is your bloodwork, which can vary from men’s clinic $50-80, here at our Rancho and San Diego clinic its $50 without insurance.

#6 What to expect after your appointment

Now for the exciting part! Depending on the treatment the doctor prescribes you will be able to take your treatment home immediately like ED or PE treatments. In the case of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, you will need to wait 1-2 weeks. Why? Because any clinic offering quality medication will need to order it from a pharmacy “fresh” a common way scammy Men’s Clinics will save some money is they will keep medications past their true expiration date and these prescriptions will lose their potency. Be patient it will be well worth it!

#7 During your treatment

So some tips that the staff and doctor will suggest is taking baby aspirin with your TRT treatment, please do! This is generally good for your health regardless but as you take Testosterone it can thicken the lining of your arteries and aspirin combats this in an easy and cheap baby pill.

Another highly recommended addition they will offer is Clomid or HCG, this really is a must for many reasons, but simply said it um.. well it helps your fertility. Just ask the doctor ok? 🙂

And lastly this is not a fix-all for every issue, you should still eat clean and workout, you will see far more benefits if you do.

#8 Results from your treatments

The results can vary but the most common will be increased sex drive, recovery from workouts, weight loss, mental clarity, bone density, better sleep and a whole lot more! These result vary depending on the treatment.

How long till I see these results, well it really depends on where your levels were initially and your age. If you are younger and your levels are in the low 400 range you should feel results in a week or two but if you are 50 and range of 100 it might be 3 months. Our best recommendation is to talk to a doctor for more details based on your own biology

#9 Follow up labs why it’s so important

Wait more blood draws!? Yes, more blood draws, trust me you’ll thank us. Every doctor should request a check-in every 3 months if not sooner to see where your total levels are and see if you need to up or lower your dose. We want sustainable hormone development at The Performance Center For Men and so should you. It will guarantee that you will be able to sustain your natural hormone levels for the rest of your life and detect other potential issues early.

#10 Always talk to a doctor for more information

We’ve mentioned this throughout the blog but when you come to our Men’s Clinic in Rancho Cucamonga it’s critical that you ask the doctor concerning all medical science. Please no bro science!

If you have more questions please call one of our clinics for a free consultation or fill out the form below.

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