About Us

The Performance Center is focused on one thing: reinvigorating Medical Solutions for Men.

Private, respectful consultations and treatments

That’s part of the reason we’ve been so successful helping men regain their masculine identities. We understand that men’s health problems can be difficult to discuss for many patients, so our team goes out of its way to make you feel comfortable.

At the same time, our doctors are straightforward when discussing patients’ low testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation issues so that everything is clear with respect to diagnosis, treatment options, and long-term prognosis.

Helping men live more confident lives

The moment you enter The Performance Center is when our mission to restore your virility and vitality begins. Our doctors and specialists will welcome you to either of our comfortable clinics -- located in Rancho Cucamonga or San Diego -- and get right to work to quickly resolve your problem.


Immediate appointments and walk-ins welcomed

You don’t have to wait another day. We’ll set up an appointment for you fast, but then we’ll take however long is required to conduct a thorough examination, perform the appropriate tests, and determine the root of your condition and symptoms. After that, your recovery begins.

Meet the Staff

Our all-male team of highly trained specialists is ready to help

Chirag N. Amin


Bobby Figueroa


Chams Brown


Mario Gonzalez


Xavier Dedeaux


Angel Lopez


Cristian de Jesus